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Benny Carter, The Charioteers, Hattie McDaniel, Mantan Moreland, Ernie “Bubbles” Whitman – Blueberry Hill – 1943 – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

CBS Radio – Blueberry Hill (preview/audition broadcast) – March 1943 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – We’re here because of you (hint-hint): Become a Patron! Had there not been World War 2, this program might have gone unnoticed and largely forgotten. Why it came about isn’t clear, but it marked...


March 19, 1948 – A Cold War Tinderbox – Roman Spring – The Marshall Plan

If we’re helping keep your mind off things, maybe chipping in a buck of five would be a good idea, no?: Become a Patron! Characterized as a tinderbox by the State Department, Turkey, Italy, Greece and the Balkan region were hot in the grips of rioting on this March 19th...

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Prime Minister Paul Reynaud Address From Paris – March 1940 – Past Daily Reference Room

Become a Patron! Paul Reynaud, who assumed the role of Prime Minister of France during an ominous and darkening period in French history. With the ousting of Edouard Daladier on March 20 and the appointment of Reynaud on March 21, France was in a desperate situation and doing anything it...

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March 15, 1948 – United Nations – The View From Lake Success – Past Daily Reference Room.

It helps, it really does: Become a Patron! Considering the United Nations was coming up on three years since its inception, it had been hitting the ground running ever since it first met in April of 1945. Confronted with a massive number of upheavals, disputes and growing pains, the UN...

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March 17, 1947 – Tight Lips And Empty Pockets – East-West Diplomacy – A Call To End Occupation

Supporting a little history never hurt anybody: Become a Patron! News for this St. Patrick’s Day (March 17) in 1947 had just about everything to do with the state of the World after War. The grumblings of East-West tensions and speculations over a rumored private meeting between Secretary of State...

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March 12, 1941 – Wide-Spread Night Raids Over England – Berlin Blasts Washington Over Lend-Lease – Here Comes Matsuoka.

Become a Patron! March 12, 1941 – As the war went into its 560th day, the night raids by German bombers over England stepped up. The night before delivering a shower of destruction through a wide area of England. Thirty-four separate districts were bombed during the night raids. All attacks...