Deers - Counting the days before America discovers them.

Deers - Counting the days before America discovers them.
Deers – Counting the days before America discovers them.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Deers – In Session for Capitan Demo-RNE Radio 3, Madrid – June 30, 2014

I’ve been getting a lot of buzz about Deers of late. My colleague in the UK Mig Schillace told me about their recent gig at the Isle Of Wight Bestival and a lot of the very positive press they’ve been getting via their tour of Europe this summer.

Deers are four women from Spain, based in Madrid, who have been together a short period of time. They have one single out at the moment, with a new one getting ready, and have charmed the press like crazy, prompting The Guardian to proclaim them New Band of The Week this week with their catchy mixture of garage, low-fi and infectious spirit with a ramshackle approach.

Their new single, Barn is slated for release on November 3rd.

While you’re waiting, here is a session they recorded for Capitan Demo on RNE Radio 3 in Madrid this past June. It’s only two tracks, so I added their demo version of Trippy Gum and their new single Castigadas en el Granero.

They’re currently all over the place. So I would recommend you start with their Facebook Page and then head over to their Soundcloud Page. They are a band to watch. They’ve been on this side of the Atlantic, playing in Guadalajara along with a few gigs in Argentina with Vaccines. But I suspect they will make a big splash with American audiences, certainly with the Indie/Experimental segment of the population. And I predict they will be surprise hits at any of the U.S. festivals they choose to do next year. Check them out.

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