Elbow – Live At Pinkpop 2015 – Nights At The Roundtable – Festival Edition

Elbow - in the category of 'must-see' bands the past few years.
Elbow – in the category of ‘must-see’ bands the past few years.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Elbow – In Concert At Pinkpop 2015 – June 12, 2015 – VPRO/3VOOR12

Festival season is cranking into high-speed this year. The prestigious and long-running Pinkpop Festival in The Netherlands concluded last week with their usual eclectic mix of up-and-comers, stalwarts and a whole pile of surprises sprinkled over three days.

Heading up the bill for the Friday installment was Elbow, who have become perennial favorites in recent years. Taking big advantage of their latest album, The Take Off And Landing Of Everything, which came out in April of last year, debuting at Number One on the UK charts, as well as the release of a new single, What Time Do You Call This? from the new film Man Up by Simon Pegg. They’ve been on a roll ever since and have been widely considered one of the “must see” bands.

They’re on a relaxed touring schedule this summer, only appearing at three other festivals between now and September.

But in case you missed them on their sweep of the States last year and are wondering what they’re up to this year, crank this concert up from Pinkpop last weekend and you’ll be up to speed.

Play loud, sing along at the appropriate bits and try to make it to a festival near you this year.

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