Forever Pavot - Mind-melting with a Gallic Twist.
Forever Pavot – Mind-melting with a Gallic Twist.

Forever Pavot – Live at Eurockéennes 2015 – July 4, 2015 – RFI-Le Mouv

No sooner does one festival finish then another gets rolling. Tonight it’s a sampling from Eurockéennes, which ended this past weekend in Belfort France; three non-stop days of primarily continental bands (with the exception of Ben Harper and Sting) – and if you wanted to know what’s going on in Europe this year, this was the place to go.

One of those bands, which have been a hit all over Europe this year is Forever Pavot – around since 2011 and primarily gigging around France, Forever Pavot is an interesting Psych hybrid, who claim to be heavily influenced by Ennio Morricone. But I hear a lot of Dutch Prog legends Supersister as well as a few shades of German masters Amon Düül tossed in, along with the inescapable influence of the current crop of Aussie wizards, Tame Impala, Pond, Jagwar Ma and a few others.

Still, they are their own band, and even though there are influences, there’s enough originality and point of view to make them a unique entity, and a welcome addition to the International stage. Now, if they would just get across the Channel and maybe the Atlantic to do some gigs over here . . .

One of many bands currently making noise around Europe this year. I hope to add more posts from Eurockéennes over the coming days/weeks. Further evidence the music world is in healthy places – the business side . . .well, that’s another story. The music continues to amaze.

But it’s bands like Forever Pavot who are trying to get their message out. And the least we can do is support them, either by buying their stuff directly from them, following them on Facebook to see when/if they show up anywhere close soon or just generally let them know they’re on the right track – and to keep doing it. And to support outlets and broadcasting stations who are streaming these bands and festivals live – letting them know they are doing a huge service to music – and to let them know, that bands in France are being listened to just as much in Los Angeles as they are in Paris. I don’t think they realize just how much people are noticing that the world is getting a whole lot smaller by the second.

In the meantime, crank this one up and dive into it.

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