Bertrand Chamayou - Montpellier Festival

Pianistic sensation Bertrand Chamayou plays the Saint-Saëns "Egyptian" Piano Concerto.

The French National Orchestra At The 2016 Montpellier Festival Play Music Of Saint-Saëns And Zemlinsky – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert

Bertrand Chamayou - Montpellier Festival
Pianistic sensation Bertrand Chamayou plays the Saint-Saëns “Egyptian” Piano Concerto.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Back to this year’s Montpellier Occitan Festival with a performance by the French National Orchestra, conducted by John Neschling and featuring the much celebrated young French pianist Bertrand Chamayou in a performance of Saint-Saëns Piano Concerto Number 5 “Egyptian”. With the second half featuring soprano Hartelius and baritone Christian Immler in a performance of Alexander Zemlinsky‘s Lyric Symphony.

The concert was recorded by the always amazing Radio France Musique on July 26th of this year.

The Montpellier Occitan Festival is quickly becoming one of my favorites, just by the number of really interesting works being performed and the excellent musicians and ensembles taking part. Luckily, most all of it has been preserved by Radio France, which is great because I think this will be a memorable one.

But this has been a good Festival season all around – a lot to hear and much to see. I keep saying it’s been an embarrassment of riches, because it has. Chamayou handles the popular Saint-Saëns concert with great finesse and charm – and the audience is suitably grateful, as the storm of applause prompts a Ravel encore.

The second half is given over entirely to the Zemlinsky piece; a composer who has gained substantially in stature over the last few decades. If you aren’t familiar, hit “search” and avail yourself of an amazing body of work.

The concert is spread out over two players – and here’s how it breaks down:

Part 1: (Top Player) Camille Saint-Saëns: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 5 in F Maj. op.103 “The Egyptian”

Part 2 (Bottom player) Alexander Zemlinsky: Lyric Symphony after poems of Rabindranath Tagore for soprano, baritone and orchestra op.18: Ich well Friedlos, bin ich nach durstig fernen Dingen O Mutter, der junge Prinz Du bist die Abendwolke Sprich zu mir Geliebter Befrei mich von den Banden deiner Süße, Lieg Vollende denn das letzte Lied Friede, mein Herz

A little late for Anti-Road Rage Wednesday this week – but it also does wonders for morning rush hour.

Enjoy and play often.

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