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Jim Noir

Jim Noir – In Session BBC 6 Music – 2011 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Jim Noir – In Session at BBC 6 Music -September 1, 2011 – BBC 6 Music – Jim Noir may not be a household name, but his music is so catchy, hook-laden and evocative that much of the music from his 4 albums have been featured on TV shows, Movies,...

September 1, 1941 - German prisoners in Russia

September 1, 1941 – The War Swings Into Its Third Year

September 1, 1941 – NBC Red Network – News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – September 1, 1941 –Labor Day in America on this day, but hardly a holiday in the rest of the world, which marked this September 1st as the second anniversary of the beginning...

Hurricane Katrina aftermath

September 1, 2005 – Katrina: Saving The Living

September 1,2005 – CBS Radio News On The Hour/WTOP Newsradio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection September 1, 2005. The worst of Hurricane Katrina was over – but the horror had just begun. As the storm passed, the devastation was overwhelming – the loss of life hadn’t even begun to be...