Claude Helffer With Pierre-Michel Leconte And The ORTF Symphony Play Music Of Albert Roussel – 1965 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Claude Helffer
Claude Helffer – Noted advocate for the cause of 20th Century Music.

Albert Roussel – Piano Concerto – Claude Helffer, piano – ORTF Symphony – Pierre-Michel LeConte – circa 1965 – ORTF, Paris

A familiar composer, with a noted Pianist playing a difficult concerto. Claude Helffer, celebrated advocate for 20th Century Music has been a very familiar name with concertgoers and record collectors alike. His recordings of Bartok and Schoenberg have been highly praised by critics.

This recording of the Piano concerto by Albert Roussel is from an ORTF Studio recording made around 1965 for broadcast. It features the ORTF Symphony conducted by Pierre-Michel LeConte. Halffer recorded this piece once, in the early days of Stereo tape with an orchestra purported to be the Cento Soli of Paris, conducted by Serge Baudo. That recording, released around 1960 but with no actual date of recording, has been out of print for years.

There are several commercial recordings of this concerto currently available – but this is the only one featuring Claude Helffer and the ORTF Symphony from a broadcast.

Good accompaniment all the way around, with Pierre-Michel LeConte, one of the unsung heroes of the French concert hall and recording studio, leading the way.


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    • Not this one – the commercial recording I wrote about (not the one I posted) was with Serge Baudo and the “Cento Soli Of Paris” for Omega Records. It was coupled with The Spider’s Feast. It was issued in 1961. Omega Records was an American label. I don’t know what label it was issued in France.

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