Marble Arch - three new songs

Marble Arch - New offerings from a band making a difference.

Marble Arch - three new songs
Marble Arch – New offerings from a band making a difference.


Marble Arch – 1. Moonstruck – 2. Your Song – 3. Reminiscence – From Children Of The Slump released March 22, 2019 – Géographie Records – 2019

Marble Arch this Saturday night/Sunday Morning – new tracks from their second album, Children Of The Slump released just yesterday (March 22). I ran a post late last year with what were some tracks from their first album, and an advance copy of their new single. I was told that their second album, Children Of The Slump was due to be released in February of 2019. Only off by a few weeks, Children Of The Slump hit stores on March 22nd (just yesterday), and I’m thrilled to be able to offer you some samples from this extraordinary new offering.

The three tracks are; Moonstruck, Your Song and the bonus track, Reminiscence. I would play the whole album, but it’s best to give you a taste and point you in the direction of their website so you can support the band by picking up a copy of your very own.

I’ve said this before; there is a lot of noteworthy music out there – a lot of it is in need of audience support. Marble Arch are a French band and it’s hard getting exposure (though not impossible) as far away as here in Los Angeles. But this is a band that actively dispels the myth that good music is dead, and that there are no musicians out there picking up the slack. Marble Arch do a commendable job and they have done a lot to restore, certainly my somewhat jaundiced faith, in the current state of music by offering engaging and inspired work.

They are currently hitting the road and touring around France. They’ve already played Route du Rock in February, so they are gathering an audience at home – no plans, as far as I can see, to take it overseas to these shores anytime soon. But I would say they would be a welcome addition as support act on any tour currently on the road and I have a hunch they would have an audience and fan base here once they started gigging around.

In the meantime, have a listen to these three tracks and head over to their Bandcamp site, which is run by their label and check them out. You can get their albums via download, CD or Vinyl. Choices!

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