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L.A. Supermarket - 1960s 0

Gastronomy L.A. 1968 – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

Become a Patron! You don’t hear about them much anymore, but Cooking shows on radio were practically a staple in the American diet all the way from the 1920 until somewhere around the 90s. It was only after TV became the predominant medium (and later on as Cable allowed narrow-casting...

To Dance - Like No One Is Watching 0

It’s 1979 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – The Night Belongs To You . . . You Just Don’t Know It.

It’s 1979 – September. School has started. You’re already a month in but you’re exhausted. You fall asleep in class all the time. Your teachers are noticing. You’ve discovered Madame Wong’s and Gorki’s and The Atomic Cafe and you don’t have time to go to sleep at night; there’s too...