Trials and Tribulations

. . .and the nickel bag you bought was Oregano.

You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – It’s February 1967 – It’s A Happening Thing.

Trials and Tribulations
. . .and the nickel bag you bought was Oregano.

February 1967. Months away from the Summer Of Love, but nobody is calling it that. As soon as the weather gets warm there’s going to be a gathering of the Tribes at the Griffith Park Merry-go-round. In the meantime, Penny Lane is in your ears and in your eyes and it’s all you’ve been hearing the past few days, ever since you first heard it from Humble Harve on Boss Radio.

Months until Summer – rain until then. Everybody eats lunch in the library or the auditorium or the hallway of the Administration Building – the air is filled with the aroma of Baloney and Fritos. Life is soggy and you want to get stoned. You have a friend of a friend who goes to Hollywood High who can get nickel bags of honest-to-god Acapulco Gold, and you’re getting some for the weekend. Your girlfriend’s parents are going to Tahoe on Friday and she has the house to herself until Sunday night. You’re imagining what she looks like with her clothes off. And what exactly is an Isosceles Triangle anyway?

You wonder if she’ll let you sleep over – what are you going to tell your folks? Can’t use the camping excuse; it’s pouring rain, they’ll never believe you. You wonder if she’s a virgin – you wonder if she thinks you are too. What if nothing happens? Someday you won’t need excuses – won’t need to make up stories. You’ll have your own place and all kinds of time – whole days and weeks. Why do they give tests on Fridays? You hate Math. How come orchestra is an elective? You’re starving because you only have enough money for the dope and lunch is on hold for a week. Everybody smells like wet hair. Is it Friday yet?

Here’s an hour’s worth of Humble Harve, during his first week as a Boss Jock at KHJ, recorded on February 3, 1967 – when it wasn’t raining.

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4 thoughts on “You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – It’s February 1967 – It’s A Happening Thing.

  1. This is Harvey Miller’s 3rd show on KHJ, having just left KBLA. His on-air persona has changed dramatically, now that he is on a much more structured radio station. If you listen to any of his KBLA shows – what a difference. Turns out it was a good move, since KBLA will change formats entirely in just 4 months, switching to a Country station, leaving all of its Rock DJ’s having to find other employment. All in all, it’s still Humble Harve, and he adapts to the new environment nicely. Thanks for the post Gordon.

  2. Listening into a Humble Harve show was like being in a meeting with your local car-club. He was just hipper than everyone else, for SOME reason. The following year, Harve would present the 1st. great rock & pop festival that So. Cal. would ever host, known as The Newport Pop Festival. Harve still remains one of the more unique D.J.’s to be heard over the airwaves.

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