Grapefruit- short-lived, but no shortage of influential friends.

Grapefruit – In Session 1968 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Grapefruit- short-lived, but no shortage of influential friends.

Grapefruit- short-lived, but no shortage of influential friends.

I suspect a lot of you have no idea who Grapefruit were, or have heard anything about them.

Grapefruit were a short-lived phenomenon, lasting a little less than two years but turning out two albums and a slew of singles. Signed to Apple Publishing, they were given the blessing by none other than Paul McCartney – when they signed their publishing deal the onlookers included most of The Beatles, Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, Donovan, Cilla Black and a host of other Music Royalty. Certainly all good signs for a smash career.

But no. It didn’t materialize.Despite all good intentions and several attempts, the band failed to click. And by 1969 things were pretty much over. A short revival in 1971 produced two singles, but they failed to generate an audience and the remaining members split up to their separate ways.

Interestingly, George Alexander, the bass player for the band was a founding member of The Easybeats, the band which gave us the iconic 60s anthem Friday On My Mind. Later, he would team up with former Easybeats members George Young and Harry Vanda for another short-lived venture, The Marcus Hook Roll Band.

Tonight it’s a session done in France for the weekly show Bouton Rouge, recorded on March 16, 1968. Only two songs; Yes and Dear Delilah. The sound is a little uneven, but one of the few examples of the band in a live setting.

Maybe not familiar, but certainly evocative of a time ad place. Yet another band making their mark in the 60s music lexicon.

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