Sharon van Etten - live in Hobart - 2019

Sharon van Etten - further proof music is in safe hands.

Sharon van Etten – Live In Hobart, Australia – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Sharon van Etten - live in Hobart - 2019
Sharon van Etten – further proof music is in safe and loving hands.

Sharon van Etten – live at the Dark Mofo Festival – Hobart, Australia – June 9, 2019 – Double-J Radio, Australia –

Ending out the week with a set by Sharon van Etten. Recorded at the 2019 Dark Mofo Festival in Hobart Australia and preserved as well as broadcast live by Double J radio on June 9th of that year.

I started the week with a set by PJ Harvey, followed by Madder Rose and last night, Dum Dum Girls in concert from Paris. And now Sharon van Etten. The unifying factor here is that these are all artists whose work I admire and who have given me hope over the years that music, for however much we complain about the state of the mainstream – these artists are the bedrock; the go-to, the light at the end of the tunnel. Madder Rose and Dum Dum Girls are no more, but the individual artists are flourishing in a solo capacity. PJ Harvey is alive and well and pushing boundaries. And Sharon van Etten is a relative newcomer having gotten started in 2009.

I think its further proof music is still pushing envelopes, still stimulating and inspiring – still with very much to say and saying it in challenging ways. I can’t necessarily say the same about the mainstream, but I don’t really think you ever could – since most of the musical advances and new genres have always had their initial start outside the commercial mainstream. It’s when they got noticed that they began getting homogenized and acceptable for all tastes – and when, for the most part, they lost much appeal. That’s why I am always hounding you to go exploring, get outside your comfort zone and check out the unfamiliar – those discoveries can prove to be lifesaving – trust me.

I’ve run Sharon van Etten concerts and sessions several times before over the past few years. She is someone whose work I find myself coming back to and re-hearing a lot. There is much comfort to be had and a lot to discover and re-discover. Good music very often means getting close to it and hearing the nuances – every time a new shade or meaning pops up; the understanding is that much more.

I’m a fan and have been for several years now – if you are, then I am preaching to the choir and you should hit the play button and dive in.

Enough out of me – enjoy and breathe deep.

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