Andy Gabbard - In Session for Janice Long - BBC 6 Music

Andy Gabbard - Crown Prince of Boogie-Centric/garage-Psych

Andy Gabbard In Session – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth- Music In The Time Of COVID

Andy Gabbard - In Session for Janice Long - BBC 6 Music
Andy Gabbard – Crown Prince of Boogie-Centric/garage-Psych

Andy Gabbard in session for Janice Long – BBC 6 Music – December 2, 2021 – BBC Radio –

A dose of Ohio psych/Grunge/fuzzpop by way of Andy Gabbard, recorded earlier for Janice Long at BBC 6 Music.

Since we’re hovering between optimism for a coming concert season, reasonably free (or at least loaded with precautions) of COVID and trying to figure out what Omicron is and what potential slice of hell is lurking in the background, music is still happening – bands are chafing at the bit to get back on the road. Artists are putting finishing touches on albums and eps and Music in general is cautiously exhaling. The radio stations and networks both here and in Europe are slowly opening their studios back up to sessions, and not repeating older ones. Fingers crossed.

Andy Gabbard is a product of the Southwest Ohio Psych/grunge/fuzz-pop scene and a seasoned veteran of bands going back to 1999. His two previous bands, Thee Shams and The Buffalo Killers, gained good word-of-mouth and released some six albums between 2006 and 2014 before Andy went solo and released his debut album, Fluff in 2015. Gabbard called the results “Modern Grunge Fuzz Pop with 60’s aura,” and it’s an album that should please longtime fans while surprising them at the same time. And Fluff is a solo album in the truest sense of the word, with Gabbard playing all the instruments himself and laying down all the tracks in a single 12-hour session.

This session, for Janice Long’s program on BBC 6 Music promotes his latest solo album, Homemade and his upcoming tour of the UK in 2022. This new release marks his debut with a new label (Karma Chief/Coalmine Records) and something of a subtle name change – from Andy Gabbard to Andrew. All good stuff.

Crank it up and enjoy.

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