Somali Yacht Club - in concert

Somali Yacht Club - generally regarded as the leading lights in the Ukraine Prog movement.

Somali Yacht Club – Live In Odesa – 2018 – Past Daily Backstage Pass – Rock Without Borders: Listening Ukraine

Somali Yacht Club - in concert
Somali Yacht Club – generally regarded as leading lights in the Ukraine Prog movement.

Somali Yacht Club – In Concert from Odesa – June 16, 2018 – Band Soundboard recording.

Continuing our tour of the Ukraine music scene, Somali Yacht Club in concert from Odesa and recorded by the band on June 16, 2018.

Somali Yacht Club are regarded by many musicians in Ukraine as leading lights in the Prog movement there. Although many add they are many things aside from Progressive, primarily Stoner, they tap into a pulsating vein of rich and heady music and they have a big following as the result.

Based in Lviv, which is near the Polish border and the scene of mass exodus of people leaving Kyiv and other parts of the country under attack from Russia. Like all the other bands I’ve been running this week, their whereabouts are up in the air although it’s been confirmed from a few sources that several members of various bands are in the Army at the moment, while some are actively filming, risking their lives to get stories out.

Their latest release is a their third album, The Space which came out yesterday (April 22).

Here’s a blurb from the Bandcamp website:

Named after the real-life pirates who attack vessels off the Somalian coast and the peaceful leisure of those with time to kill and money to burn, SOMALI YACHT CLUB musically embodies the boundless, wide-open, quiet/loud spaces that atmospheric post-rock and metal occupy.
The band’s third full-length ‘The Space’ finds the trio in full expanse of their sonic elements, delivering six cuts of atmospheric post-rock/metal with dashes of melancholy and introspection.
A new age of stoner has arrived.

Like everything you’ve heard from me this week (and probably next), this is what’s happening in Ukraine and it’s the cultural lifeblood of a country under assault. Check this concert out – if you like it, please go over to their Bandcamp site and go shopping.

This is from the band via their Facebook page:

“It’s hard to think about music and art these days, and frankly speaking we almost forgot about this premiere. Anyway, we do what can do until we can’t”.

No excuses – help out any way you can.

In the meantime, enjoy.

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