Midway - The Pacific War

Midway - War was seemingly everywhere all at once.

June 6, 1942 – Engulfed By War: The Eastern Front – The Northern Front – The Southern Front – The Homefront –

Midway - The Pacific War
Midway – War was seemingly everywhere all at once.

June 6, 1942 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 6, 1942 – owing to a badly damaged transcription disc, the first two minutes of this newscast are missing. But missing or not, the news was about the Battle Of Midway which was still going on as of this broadcast. The broadcast continues with word from Washington over the gas and tire rationing issue and how a movement was afoot in Congress to overturn it, but the possibilities seemed unlikely. The Broadcast is picked up with news from London where the reporter, John McVane had just returned from a wedding between an Army Nurse and a British Army Doctor and was the first reported Wartime wedding between allies. Meanwhile, a force of British Bombers attacked the Ruhr in Germany with a report that 13 British bombers were missing. British fighters were also busy over Northern France overnight and fighting was taking place in Libya near Tripoli. It was the first time American General Grant tanks were used in action in Libya and were proving to be formidable.

Newspapers were reporting the loss of the Burma Road as substantial for the allies as well as China and many felt Japan would now be focusing on invading China via Burma rather than invading India.

To the Northern Front where it was speculated talks between Hitler and Gustav Mannerheim could possibly result in a German-Finnish assault on Leningrad. Hitler was visiting Finland on the occasion of Mannerheim’s birthday on June 4th, but many were cautioned not to read between the lines as Mannerheim was maintaining an “arms-length” distance with Hitler.

And that’s a small slice of War news that happened on this 6th day of June 1942 as presented by NBC’s News Of The World.

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