Prelude to a Breakup

She's going to break up with you - you can feel it in your bloodstream.

It’s Spring 1969 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Should Be Delirious – You Are Not.

Prelude to a Breakup
She’s going to break up with you – you can feel it in your bloodstream.

KMET – B. Mitchel Reed – March 19, 1969 – Joe Hagen Collection –

You’ve been there. You fell in love over Christmas Vacation – you haven’t been out of each others sight since. You have a stack of love letters – they have hearts and flowers on every page. You made plans to go to Palm Springs for the Music Festival in a few weeks. You were going to have honest-to-god/hot-and-cold running sex for the first time – you had it all planned – you were dreaming about it. You haven’t been there before – with anyone. Of course, nobody knows that – you’d be out of your mind to tell them.

But then something happened – can’t put your finger on it. A lot of little things. Looks are still deep but they’re vague. Phone calls don’t last hours anymore. You’ve been seeing each other less and less after school. More pecks on the cheek than lips. You don’t hold hands as much as before.

Something’s going on – you don’t know what it is. Is it somebody else? You wonder. You try to figure out if you missed something – some signal – some sideways stare. You have to ask, but you won’t – admit it; you’re scared. First major, all-out/head-over-heels in love with someone and it’s over? Maybe you said something. Maybe you pushed too hard for the Big Weekend. You do stuff like that – all the time.

Maybe they’re just not that into you anymore.

That realization feels lousy – it always does. It’s all your fault – you’re an idiot – you did something – you said something. But what? You don’t know – you never do. You probably never will.

You hate being 17 – you wonder if it will ever change. You’re doomed and you’re destined to be doomed – forever.

People will find out and they’ll laugh – they’ll talk about you when you’re not looking – they’ll point fingers and shake heads.

Maybe if you went home – went to your room – got in bed, pulled the blankets over your head and just stayed there everything would eventually be okay. It could take years.

Being on the planet isn’t easy – at least you have BMR and KMET to listen to – Life ain’t so bad.

And to prove it – here’s 90 minutes of B. Mitchel Reed at KMET from March 19, 1969 (Special thanks to Joe Hagan for unearthing the gem).

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