Release of Drug Lord Gilberto Rodriquez-Orejuela - Colombia was not happy. (Getty Images)

Microsoft Anti-Trust Settlement – Release Of Drug-Lords – Princess Diana’s Butler Acquitted – November 2, 2002

Release of Drug Lord Gilberto Rodriquez-Orejuela – Colombia was not happy.(Getty Images)

November 2, 2002 – BBC World Service – World Briefing – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

November 2, 2002 – Microsoft, Colombian Drug-Lords, Princess Diana’s Butler – all names and events which took place this day 20 years ago. And since this is The BBC World Service, you get an opportunity to hear what was going on elsewhere in the world. In essence, a lot.

Starting with news that the Justice Department came to a resolution in the Microsoft Anti-Trust case. After two years of hearings, studies and wrangling, the DOJ approved the majority of an agreement by which Microsoft was ordered to reveal details of its operating systems in order to increase competition and level the playing field. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates registered approval of the deal and said it would be happy to comply with the ruling. Some three years earlier, it was revealed that Microsoft used its dominance in the market to create a monopoly, shutting out competition from other software developers

A judge in Colombia ordered the release of two of that country’s most notorious criminals the brothers Miguel and Gilberto Rodriguez-Orejuelo, described by the U.S. Justice Department as the “World’s biggest drug traffickers” from prison. The brothers were jailed in 1995 for running the Carli Cocaine Cartel, said to the biggest operation in the world, shipping tons of Cocaine to the U.S.and Europe. The judge ordered their release saying they served three-fifths of their jail term for good behavior. Colombian President Uribe was taken by surprise and immediately ordered a top-level investigation into the matter and demanded that the prosecuting Judge Pedro José Suarez be investigated for bribery will try and overturn the ruling.

And the collapse of the trial in London of the Butler to the late Princess Diana shocked leading Royal and legal commentators. The Butler, Paul Barrow, was cleared of stealing personal items from the Princess after it was revealed the Queen was aware of a conversation she had with Barrow in which he told her he was removing those personal items for safe keeping. The items were discovered during a raid on Barrow’s home and he was charged with stealing the items. The case fell apart after it was revealed that Queen Elizabeth said she recalled the Butler telling her that he was holding on to some of those personal items and didn’t wanting them falling into the wrong hands. When asked why she hadn’t come forth earlier, The Queen said she wasn’t aware of the trial and it was only when she spoke to Prince Charles that he indicated the trial was going on. Paul Barrow was prepared to go to prison rather than reveal his conversation with The Queen.

And that is just a small slice of this half-hour news rundown from The BBC World Service for November 2, 2002.

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