Groundhogs - in the manner of Power Trios . . .

Groundhogs – in the manner of Power Trios . . .

Groundhogs – in concert – 1972 – BBC Radio 1 In Concert series –

Groundhogs in concert this week. The venerable 3-piece Power Trio, who started off as a Blues band and quickly evolved into one of the more precedent-setting Hard Rock outfits of the late 1960s/early 1970s, The Groundhogs became a staple in the musical diets of most Rock enthusiasts in Europe; in the U.S., not so much – even though practically all their recorded output was available overseas as well as the U.S. and they were regularly played on FM underground stations throughout the country, they didn’t click to the extent they were popular on their home turf.

Fronted by Tony “T.S.” McPhee, the band went though a number of personnel changes over their long tenure, at one point becoming a 4-piece band, but still maintained their emphasis on heavy blues-based rock.

This particular concert comes around the time of the release of their fifth studio album, Who Will Save The World? The Mighty Groundhogs, but much of the material they play on this concert comes by way of an earlier album, Split, which was issued in March of 1971.

With a heavy, raw sound and extended solos which became the trademark for bands like Grounhogs to emulate, they were a break from mainstream top-40.

Ironically, Groundhogs have resurfaced over the years, with Tony T.S. McFee maintaining his position as founding member. However, McVie has been the last remaining original member, and with his stroke in 2009 has curtailed much of his activity – effectively retiring in 2013.

But this concert from 1972 features Groundhogs in their hey day, as one of the most influential and dedicated Power trios to come out of the UK in quite a long time. And as always, has been captured and preserved for posterity by the always-amazing BBC Radio 1 for their In Concert series.

Enjoy. You can play this one loud.

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