Narcissus - a mashup of styles and genres - keeping it moving.

Narcissus In Session – 2023 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Narcissus – a mashup of styles and genres – keeping it moving.

Narcissus In Session – Recorded for John Kennedy’s X-Posure Program – Radio X – Early 2023 –

Narcissus in session tonight, ending the week on a mashup of techno and experimental, all recorded for John Kennedy’s X-Posure program on Radio X, re-broadcast just his past Saturday (June 3rd) ahead of some gigs in Manchester.

A little rundown via a 2018 article from Louder Than War:

With an output that has been described as both epic and anthemic, Manchester based band narcissus were tipped for big things in the mid-noughties, having signed a publishing deal on the back of some genre-bending demos for a proposed album and following a series of amazing live events including a ‘D-percussion festival/band on the wall’ double header, the band we set for big time. Matt Mead interviews Ben from the band exclusively for Louder Than War about what they have been up to.

The quartets reputation was further enhanced with the release of debut single The Window through Manchester indie label Northern Ambition, the label was also responsible for Stephen Fretwell’s early output. The collapse of narcissus’ publishing deal during the recording of their debut album led to a parting of ways, the finished album was shelved and the band members re-emerged in other bands such as The Synthetics and Signals.

Fast forward ten years and fate has lent a hand in reuniting narcissus. Two band members partners found themselves sharing an office and as a result of this, the album has been dusted off and played for the first time in a long time. Much to the musicians’ delight, it has aged remarkably, seeming strangely prescient for our times.

Press play and have a listen:

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