Paris Occupied - France surrenders

Paris Is Occupied - France signs its life away.

France Gives A Blank Check – Paris Is Occupied – America Feels The Pressure – June 22, 1940

Paris Occupied - France surrenders
Paris Is Occupied – France signs its life away.

News – NBC Radio – June 22, 1940 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

News of France officially signing surrender terms and the German occupation of Paris ahead of the June 25th effective date. The details of the terms weren’t known, although what was known about the terms reiterated they were extremely harsh, though not as harsh as Hitler claimed the terms would be for Britain, once they capitulated. But that was all predicated on Britain following the lead of France and avoiding an invasion, which most feared was a given and expected any day.

But it wouldn’t be over until it was over and The Royal Air Force staged several bombing runs over Berlin during the previous 24 hours just to let Germany know there was still plenty of fight left. Apparently in some parts of France too, as reports were coming in of resistance by French troops who refused to lay down their arms and insisted continuing the fight until at least the official notice of the armistice was given. All that, and an almost continuous flow of rumors; some true but most false that flooded the newsrooms around the world.

General DeGaulle, commander of the French Armies under Reynaud, said in a broadcast to France from London, that it was the duty of every Frenchman to resist German occupation and the colonies were urged to continue the fight alongside their British allies.

All this put additional pressure on Washington to enter the war and in particular to make the pressure known during this week the Republican Part was holding it’s Convention to nominate a Presidential candidate. All signals were pointing to Wendell Willkie, but all indications were too that America needed to step up its efforts to either stay out of the war or to jump fully into it.

All that, and continuing news from France on this June 22, 1940 from NBC Radio.

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