Nevaris - personification of the east-west summit (East Coast - West Coast) (Photo: Michael Black.

Two By Nevaris – 2023 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

Nevaris – personification of the east-west summit (East Coast – West Coast) (Photo: Michael Black.

1. Dub Sol:

2. Disruption:

– Taken from Nevaris; Reverberations – released on MOD Reloaded – June 2, 2023 –

Further proof an open mind has all sorts of perks attached. Nevaris is a multi-instrumentalist as well as visual artist who was born in Manhattan, coming from a background steeped in Europe and Echo Park, Los Angeles (hence the East-West analogy). His music is a heady mixture of dub, trip-hop, funk, ambient and Afro-Latin. Blended together they are the perfect combination and offer proof to never hold anything back in the service of being creative.

I pulled two tracks off his debut album, a collaboration with the legendary bassist-producer Bill Laswell, Reverberations, which has already come with enthusiastic endorsements, among them Carlos Santana who is no stranger to keeping things free, open and the wellspring of new ideas flowing. It was his declaration that Reverberations was a “work of supreme creativity” that put the cross-generational stamp of approval on things. Further evidence that dub and trip-hop are your friends and often your inspirations.

Nevaris’ music is timeless, pushing well past the boundaries set up by the mainstream and explores new territory the mainstream seems incapable of touching. Reverberations is an instrumental album and its textural quality is a full-throttle exploration to parts hinted at but mostly unknown. What brings much of it back to earth, in a grounding sort of way, are the heady and eloquent reeds supplied by Peter Apfelbaum, who hits the tone precisely. But the rest of the collaborators; Bill Laswell, bass and EFX (as well as producer), DJ Logic on turntables, Will Bernard and Matt Dicky on guitars and Lockatron on drums add just as much to the fascinating roux. When you’re all on the same page, it’s a life-changing experience.

A Couple things – I want to hear more of Nevaris. I think he has a lot to say. I think he and Laswell are seamless collaborators. And I am most eager to see Nevaris do a live set. I think the audiences will be transported.

Needless to say, there is fertile ground still being explored. And it’s proof you don’t need a major label to get your point across.

Last thing: buy the album – buy it here Nevaris: Bandcamp. Listen, enjoy and put it on repeat.

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