Bush - Quayle

The Bush and Quayle team - hitting the road, looking for a few good votes.

Bush-Quayle Hit The Road – Clinton-Gore Hit Back – Sarajevo Hits Hard – August 21, 1992

Bush - Quayle
The Bush and Quayle team – hitting the road, looking for a few good votes.

August 21, 1992 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 21, 1992 – the day after the Convention ended – sweeping up balloons and confetti while Presidential candidate George H.W. Bush and vice-Presidential candidate Dan Quayle wasted no time, hitting the road, taking the GOP message in search of votes. The night before was something of an anti-climax. President Bush delivered an address that was, at one point, almost a confessional – delivering a mea-culpa for his tax raise, despite “Read My Lips” in 1988. He apologized and the delegates gave a rousing approval – all was forgiven. Bush and Quayle also wasted no time tossing the proverbial brickbats at Clinton and Gore; accusing Bill Clinton of dodging the draft, pushing a program of tax and spend and waffling on the Gulf War.

The Clinton-Gore camp wasted no time countering the charges with Democratic observers saying the Bush promise of tax cuts was probably the most cynical attempt at buying an election. Many asked “if Bush’s tax cuts were such a good idea, why didn’t he do it three years earlier during his first term? Others felt that, in order for Bush to accomplish his goal he would have to cut spending in crucial programs such as Social Security and Veterans Benefits. And many days to go before the finish line.

Meanwhile in the Balkans, the shelling of Sarajevo continued, the latest assault killed three civilians, badly damaging a hospital as well as a UN Peacekeepers barracks. Lawrence Eagleburger, who was slated to take over as Secretary of State promised to tighten sanctions against Serbia and Montenegro.

And with the Bush Campaign gearing up that’s just a sample of what went on, this August 21, 1992 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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