March 3, 1941 – Signing Your Country’s Life Away – The Bulgaria Treaty.

Become a Patron! News for this day in 1941 was ominous but not unexpected. Bulgaria, reeling under the oppressive weight of the Nazi Government, relented and signed a Tripartite Treaty (i.e. surrender) to Germany, thus bringing one more country under the influence/domination of Berlin. Radio Berlin was reported to have...

Mawoman Of Chaillot - Original Broadway cast - 1948 0

John Carradine And Maurice Valency Discuss (And Defend) The Madwoman Of Chaillot – 1949 – Past Daily Weekend Gallimaufry

Looking for a little support:Become a Patron! The American premier of The Madwoman Of Chaillot on Broadway and the critical reaction to the play from one enthusiastic critic and another, decidedly not enthusiastic. On hand in this episode of The Author Meets The Critics, is one of the principle players,...

German Troops - February 1940 0

February 18, 1940 -163 Days Since Hostilities – Not A Question Of Keeping Out Of A European War But Keeping Out Of A European Peace.

Your support is important to us. Keeps us up and running: Become a Patron! February 18, 1940 – Safely out of the war zone, and on a liner bound for the U.S., Foreign Correspondent William Hillman, who was leaving Italy and bound for New York offers the first uncensored reports...

Robert Herberigs 0

Belgian National Radio Symphony And Daniel Sternefeld Play Music Of Robert Herberigs – 1949 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Robert Herberigs – Anthony and Cleopatra – Belgian National Radio Symphony – Daniel Sternefeld, Cond. – 1948 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – If you like what Past Daily is all about, help keep it going: Become a Patron! The music of Robert Herberigs this weekend. Probably a name which...

Japanese Paratroopers Land On Palembang - February 1942 0

February 14, 1942 – The View From Palembang – The Situation In Java – Reports From Singapore And Kalinin.

Incredibly grateful for your pitching in so far – but if you haven’t: Become a Patron! February 14, 1942 – News from Palembang was brief and without explanation. Over 100 Japanese planes and assorted fighters swarmed over Palembang in an attempt to secure the oil fields ahead of any destruction...