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La Luz - In session 2016

La Luz In Session – 2016 – Past Daily Soundbooth

La Luz – in session for Pressure Drop.tv – March, 2016 Heading into homegrown territory tonight with a session by Seattle-L.A. Surf-Noir compendium La Luz, in session for Pressure Drop.tv in March of 2016. Founded in 2012 and consisting of Shana Cleveland, Marian Li Pino, Alice Sandahl, and Lena Simon,...

Flu season comes early.

You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager – It’s 1964 – You’re Home With The Flu – Your Mom’s In Charge Of The Radio – You Lie There.

KPOL – 8:00am-9:00am – August 7, 1964 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Flu season, just like clockwork – fever, chills, aching, sweats. You’ve just thrown up everything you’ve ever had in your stomach since you were five. Your hair hurts. The best you can do is just lay there,...

Teenage Anxiety 1979

You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – It’s September 26, 1979 – Your Boyfriend Has Just Entered You In Rick Dees’ First Televised Wet T-Shirt Contest. You Are Not Amused.

Become a Patron! For all the talk about the 70s fashion, Punks and Shag Haircuts, the 70s were also a decade of strange new customs. Hot on the heels of Disco came other odd rituals; Wet t-shirt contests and Mud Wrestling. Somehow in keeping with the “do anything – anytime”...