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Chicago 1963

You’re A Teenager – You Live In Chicago – It’s May, 1963 And You’re A Big Fan Of This Guy Who Calls Himself “The Wild Eye-Tralian” (RIP: Dick Biondi – 1932- 2023).

– WLS-AM Chicago – The Dick Biondi Show – May 2, 1963 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – I originally posted this in 2017, and hearing the sad news today of the passing of Dick Biondi, it only seems fitting…

Working Week

Working Week – Live At Glastonbury 1985 – Past Daily Soundbooth

– Working Week – live at Glastonbury 1985 – BBC Radio 1- Working Week tonight. From their concert at Glastonbury in 1985, recorded by the ever-present-always-amazing BBC Radio 1. Working Week were one of the first British Jazz/Pop/Funk/New Wave conglomerations…