Vilde Frang - rising young star - hasn't had time to slow down.

Vilde Frang In Concert At The Kissinger Sommer Festival – 2012 – Past Daily Mid-Week Concert/Anti-Road Rage Special

Vilde Frang – rising young star – hasn’t had time to slow down.

Click on the link here for Audio player: Vilde Frang Recital – June 24, 2012

Over to Bad Kissinger in Germany this week for a concert recital from the Kissinger Sommer Festival by rising-young-star-wunderkind Vilde Frang in a program of music by Mozart, Brahms and Prokofiev. The concert was recorded on June 24th for the ARD Radio Festival 2012 going on throughout Germany this month.

Here is what Ms. Frang plays:

Das Konzert

Das Konzert
Kissinger Sommer

Vilde Frang, Violine
Michail Lifits, Klavier

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Violinsonate F-Dur KV 377

Johannes Brahms
3. Violinsonate d-Moll, op. 108

Sergej Prokofiew
2. Violinsonate D-Dur, op. 94

A delightful concert by a remarkable new talent on the musical horizon.

I’m wondering if there has been an explosion of new talent these past few years or if it has always been that way and we’re just more aware of it now because of the Internet and Streaming audio? Every radio outlet I’ve been listening to in Europe seems overflowing with up-and-coming instrumentalists, performing groups, conductors, singers -it’s running the gamut and the talent is quite extraordinary. It certainly gives hope for the future, and it’s doing a pretty good job of dispelling some cynicism about our culture in general. And that’s a good thing.

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2 Responses

  1. freditor60 says:

    Gordon, I ran across this on the Web. Charming event. BTW, you omitted a player link. Best wishes.

    • gordonskene says:

      I have GOT to stop falling asleep at the computer before I finish a post! It’s fixed and the audio is inserted. I have a brain, honest – I really do. It just doesn’t like working 14 hour days.