Art Pepper - an artist of troubled brilliance.

Art Pepper – Live in Nice, France – 1980 – Past Daily Downbeat

Art Pepper - an artist of troubled brilliance.

Art Pepper – an artist of troubled brilliance.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: Art Pepper – Live in Nice, France – 1980

Any one who is familiar with the story of Art Pepper knows what a brief and troubled career this brilliant musician had. Maybe not so much different than many others of his or subsequent generations, but one with repeated interruptions and setbacks. As much as his brilliant playing, it is also a story of his survival.

This concert, recorded on July 12, 1980 was during one of his celebrated comeback periods. It was luckily recorded by Radio France, at the Nice Jazz Festival in Nice, France and, even though it fades in on the first track (the intro is missing), it’s complete and is thankfully preserved.

Frankly, without the foresight of the overseas broadcasting outlets, so much of this important and vital music would not be available for future generations. Thank god somebody’s doing it – and still doing it.

Visit their websites and support them where you can. And thank them if/when you run into them. They are helping keep a culture alive. Ironically, ours.



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