Cranes - epitomized Gothic Minimalism.

Cranes - epitomized Gothic Minimalism.
Cranes – epitomized Gothic Minimalism, but really favored Dream Pop.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Cranes – In Session for John Peel – March 13, 1990 – BBC Radio 1

Rummaging around the 90s tonight with a set by Minimalist/Goth/Experimental/Industrial/Alternative meisters Crane, recorded in session for John Peel on March 13, 1990.

Further evidence the 90s were diving into experimentalism with both feet, both ears and both hands. Cranes came to epitomize Minimalist Goth, although they would be the first to dispute the tag, preferring instead to be characterized as Dream Pop. They were briefly considered to be Shoegaze, which could pretty well describe this first set they recorded for John Peel. Their name however, was derived from the loading cranes located around the docks of Portsmouth, where the band came from. The high pitched shrieks emanating from the giant mechanical cranes were reminiscent of the piercing and unmistakable voice of lead singer Alison Shaw. Life imitating art and vice-versa.

Cranes were a popular and well-regarded band during their initial tenure; going from 1989-1997 before going briefly dormant, due largely to the shutting of their label Dedicated. The band resurfaced again in 2000 and are still going strong with a big personnel change, but the distinctive voice of Alison Shaw is still intact.

For those of you who didn’t catch the first time, or who remember but haven’t heard this early session, here’s your chance to dive into Cranes and submerge yourself in 90s soundscapes.

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