There's love in the air - or is it confusion?
There’s love in the air – or is it just confusion?

The end of our second week of the Past Daily Emergency Fundraiser and we’re smack in the middle of Valentine’s Day. It would be a wonderful opportunity to slather phrases like “Spread the love and kick in a few bucks” or “Lookin’ for Fifty Shades of Green” all over, but you know by now I am beyond grateful for all the support and outpouring of love, spreading-the-word and offers we’ve gotten over the past two weeks.  I can’t begin to thank all the amazing people – friends and strangers and just interested readers and listeners who value history and enjoy what Past Daily is all about, for your support.

But it’s still very deep in desperation; still holding my breath and crossing my fingers asking for your support if you haven’t done so already. Since it’s the weekend, a holiday and a holiday weekend to boot, you most likely will have others things to do than spend time reading posts about Fundraisers and contributions and tax-deductions.

But in the off-chance you are – I’m still here and I still need your support.

It’s the weekend and that usually means a lot of Popular Culture and Concerts from Past Daily. And as always, the Pop Culture and the Concerts run the gamut – from the familiar to the strange. But the way I look at it – having eclectic tastes means you’re open to new discoveries. And being open to new discoveries means you’re curious about the world around you. And being open to new discoveries and having a curiosity about the world around you means you’re part of the solution, and not part of the problem. Yay for you!

To paraphrase the Chinese Curse, we are living in “Interesting times” where education and a sense of curiosity are being frowned on and, maybe not actively but subtly, discouraged by those who would “rather we just didn’t know about things which might depress us”. You hear all about the dumbing down of America, and you look around and know it to be true. And you wonder if it’s a conscious effort propagated by the great conspiratorial “they”, or have we just lost the desire to see where that road goes. It’s maybe both.

I know a lot of people who have shut down and have isolated themselves from our current state of mind. Sadly, that’s no solution. If anything, it allows the problem to spread.

And that’s why I’ve been collecting history all these years, and why I decided to start Past Daily. I didn’t want to be part of the problem – I wanted to be part of your solution; to stimulate your curiosity, to get you to hit the browse button and ask questions, to find out things, to look at all the possibilities.

No corporation supports me. The advertising I run on this site amounts to hundredths of pennies, even on good days. I don’t charge for any of this because I think it’s wrong to make education and information a commodity and a privilege only to those who can afford it. No one should ever make you pay to use your brain.

And so that’s why I’m doing this, and that’s why I need your support. I’m not asking for a lot; just chipping in what you can in order to help make a difference. I’m not here to create sensation or controversy or name-call. History plays no favorites. It is immaterial which side of the political spectrum you’re on. Useful information and stimulation of curiosity is not a political tool in your ability to formulate an educated opinion about things. It is there for all to see and all to share.

So here we on on Valentine’s Day – mid-way through our month-long Emergency Fundraiser and asking for your tax-deductible support, if you haven’t done so already. If you’ve already made your pledge and your contribution, bear with me – we still have a ways to go. If you’re on the fence about chipping in – do it now, we don’t have much time left and I need as much help as I can get. And if you can’t afford it – and I know about being broke – if you can’t afford it, then please do me a favor and tell your friends. We’re all this thing together – life, that is.

You can help, and with your help we’ll make it. Please click on the link below and make your support possible. A big hug to all of you.

Till next time . . . .

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