Lush -  along with Shoegaze came Dreamscape. And the World became wrapped in Sound.
Lush – along with Shoegaze came Dreamscape. And the World was wrapped in Sound.

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – Lush – In Session for John Peel – Feb. 19, 1990 – BBC Radio 1

Ironically, this session took place on this day 25 years ago. Hard to imagine it’s been that long since I first heard Lush and instantly fell under their spell.

Although Shoegaze was a short-lived phenomenon, it’s mark and influence have been felt and emulated by many bands ever since. That quintessential blending of sonic tapestry and dreamscape lyrics – sung, but swathed in electronic diffusion, which added to the mystery and the overall sense of space and weightlessness Lush’s music conveyed.

Tonight it’s one of the rare sessions Lush did for John Peel at the BBC. This one, recorded on February 19, 1990 catches them at the early stage of their career. They began in 1987 (officially in 1988 as Lush) and it was in 1990 where the band’s fortunes took off. Having released their first 6-track mini-album, Scar to ecstatic reviews and audience popularity, they became one of the most written about bands of the 1990s.

Although their direction changed by the end of the 90s, morphing into Britpop, they will always be regarded as one of the first, and most important of the Shoegaze-era bands.

If you aren’t familiar with them – this is essential listening – and hopefully it will encourage you to dive into their 3 full-length albums and their debut 6-track mini album. If you have been a fan for a while, this session will come as no surprise to you.

Either way, crank it up and enjoy.

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