. . .and 45 years later?
. . .and 45 years later?

. . . or click on the link here for Audio Player – ABC: Now Program – The Women’s Movement – May 26, 1970 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection.

Since today is International Women’s Day – and since much of this weekend has been devoted to looking back, not only on the early days of the Women’s Movement, but also commemorating Bloody Sunday in Selma in 1965; it’s been a time to reassess how far we’ve come – how far we’ve slipped back – where we are now, where we were then, have we progressed at all, or just some, and what needs to happen to change the future.

So while we’ve been looking at the current state of race relations in this country, today has been a day of looking at the status of Women in 2015.

In some cases the atmosphere is a lot different than it was in 1970 when the first International Women’s Day was celebrated. Things have changed – but some things have remained the same to a large degree. Equality in the workplace is still a major issue with equal pay for equal work – domestic violence and rape are now at all time highs. And the world seems to have fallen hopelessly backwards in the area of human rights.

But in 1970 the Women’s Movement was gaining momentum, and the subject of much media scrutiny. Some of it was objective and fair while other reports were condescending and inept.

One of the more objective reports came via ABC News and the weekly Magazine program Now. Narrated by Marlene Sanders, this half hour report looks at the state of the Movement and the state of Women in general.

So in observance of International Women’s Day, here is a look back to 1970 and the status of Women’s Movement as it was 45 years ago.

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