With the inimitable Lowell George.
With the inimitable Lowell George.

Little Feat – In Concert from Ebbets Field, Denver Colorado – Late Show – July 19, 1973

I can’t believe this concert is 42 years old.

Perennial, desert-island favorites Little Feat this weekend, in concert from Ebbets Field in Denver – recorded on July 19, 1973. For fans, it’s the late show – if you’re new to Little Feat, they had the hands-down reputation of being one of the best American bands of the 70s, and they were always a pleasure to see live in concert.

Not that their studio albums weren’t great – they were. But like many bands at the time, seeing them live and hearing them in the confines of a recording studio were two different things. And Little Feat were a great band to catch live.

Guided by musical genius Lowell George, Little Feat were an institution beginning in 1969 when George left The Mothers Of Invention and teamed up with Bill Payne, along with Mothers alumnus Roy Estrada and Fraternity Of Man alumnus Ritchie Hayward. The band underwent a number of personnel and direction changes in the coming years; breaking up in 1978 and with Lowell George going solo before succumbing to a heart attack in 1979.

Although Little Feat had reunited in 1987, it was the early period that stuck in most fans minds – and this concert from 1973 is a reminder of just how admired they were – prompting even Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page to declare in a 1975 Rolling Stone interview that Little Feat were his favorite American band.

Hit the play button and find out why.

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