Dark clouds gathering on the psychic horizon?
Dark clouds gathering on the psychic horizon?


Day #5 – Still slow – 1% funded. Still hopeful – first week. I  know it’s hard to get behind something and support it because its free. Most people think the other person will chip in; they don’t need to come up with a buck or two to add to the pot. And as much as I offer everything on the site for free and without strings, it takes time and effort to put together. The sources these pieces of history come from are usually not in the best shape – many of them are deteriorating with age, in bad need of repair – partly destroyed, needing to be pieced together and preserved. It all takes a lot of time and a lot of effort and that’s where your help and your tax deductible contributions come in. They help preserve all these pieces of history  and make them available to everyone to listen, share and benefit from.

So a couple times a year I appeal to everyone visiting Past Daily, and who share it with their friends, or who make it their own, to chip in a little. Since the time we got started three years ago, some 3 million visitors have come by and checked us out. A lot of you have stayed – a couple thousand of you come by every day. $10.00 from each of you would mean an upgraded website, repaired equipment and a few extra feet of warehouse space so we can work without having boxes of tapes fall on us. Simple requests – but they mean a lot. And in return you can write us off at Tax Time.
History is important, so is useful information. We get barraged by a lot of junk – sites with catchy openings, but no content – posts with nothing to say – alarming statistics that prove false – a lot of distractions, a lot of come-ons. Past Daily isn’t about that. It’s an eclectic mix of History, News, Personalities, Pop Culture, Music and Arts – all with the goal of informing and sharing useful information. I like to think it’s not a rarity, but so many people have told me it is. What Past Daily is about isn’t what all the other sites are about – I hate to say we’re unique, but I am afraid we are.

And that’s why I need your help – if you appreciate the uniqueness of Past Daily and want to help keep us up and running, please consider your Tax Deductible donation today. It may seem like we have a lot of time, but the days race by quickly. So please do what you can. And if you can’t – tell your friends.

Click on the link in the box below. It takes about a minute, but it lasts a lifetime

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