Francoise Hardy - The dreamy voice other dreamy voices aspire to.
Francoise Hardy – The dreamy voice other dreamy voices aspire to.

5 by Francoise Hardy – 1962-1971 – Disques Vogue – Virgin Records

Continuing our suspension of regular posts this weekend (at least for today, Saturday), here are 5 songs by the legendary Francoise Hardy – one of the most recognizable and influential voices in French Pop music.

A phenomenal career which is continuing, even after some 50 years – Francoise Hardy is more than a legend, she is an institution and one of the most enduring singer-songwriters of a generation.

And as a sample of just a small portion of her work, here are 5 tracks recorded between 1962 and 1971:

1. Je Veux qu’ll revienne
2. Rendez Vous D’Autonme
3. Le Temps Des Souvenirs
4. La Maison
5. Bati Mon Nid

If you’re familiar with her work, you need no introduction – if you’re hearing her tonight for the first time, I would urge you to search out her vast catalog of highly evocative and memorable music.

Here’s a taste to get you started.


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1 thought on “5 By Francoise Hardy – Past Daily Weekend Soundbooth

  1. Tous les garçons, including me, loved Francoise ‘ardy back in the day. I’m not sure about les filles, but I look forward to listening to this and recapturing les folies de mon jeunesse.

    Thanks Gordon.

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