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11 hours left.  Only a few more hours before we end our fundraiser. It’s been a nail-biter and a Pepto-Bismol-inducing experience.  From website crashes to crowdfunding malfunctions it’s been an experience not soon forgotten (by me anyway).  We’re still a few dollars short (about $300 at last count) of our revised goal. The site has been redesigned and is being fine-tuned as we speak; working out bugs and installing fixes. We are up and running and trying to get caught up. We missed a lot this past week – not only with the Fundraiser but with the historic goings-on of the day-to-day. It’s been frustrating, but you’ve still pitched in and done what you can to let everyone know what we’re going through right now. I can’t tell you how much it has meant -everyone who has chipped in has contributed to the success of Past Daily and helped keep us up and running and for that I am eternally grateful.

Over the next few hours, while there’s still time, please consider kicking in a few bucks in order to help us finish paying for the site rebuild. Like I said, we’re just a couple hundred off our goal and anything you can spare will be enormous to us.

I don’t want to take up too much more of your time. But I want to let you know, all of you who have stepped up and pledged your support; you are appreciated more than you can imagine – you’ve proven there is a place for a site like Past Daily in your life – a place where you can make discoveries, be reminded or just hang out and listen to interesting sounds.

I’m here because you are – so in the next few hours, please make the decision to join us and make your tax-deductible pledge of support – take one of the remaining perks as our thank-you and get ready for what promises to be a tumultuous 2017!

Click on the link here and go to our Indiegogo Funding page:

Or go to our Fractured Atlas parent non-profit site:

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