Daily Archive: February 12, 2018

Robert McNamara

Defense Secretary McNamara Addresses The DNC Platform – 1964 – Past Daily Reference Room

Defense Secretary Robert McNamara – Address To Democratic Party Platform Committee – August 17, 1964 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Seven days after the infamous “Gulf of Tonkin Incident“, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara was giving a pep talk to the Democratic Party Platform, ahead of the Convention which...

Kenneth Lay - Enron scandal

February 12, 2002 – A Heightened State Of Alert – An Enron State Of Mind

February 12, 2002 – NPR News – All Things Considered – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – February 12, 2002 – A day which would sound all-too familiar for the months and years ahead. A heightened state of alert, based on information received from inmates at Guantanamo of a pending Terrorist...

Alphons Diepenbrock

The Hague Residentie Orchestra Play Music Of Diepenbrock – 1950 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Diepenbrock – Overture to Act 3 of Marsyas – Hague Residentie Orkest – Willem van Otterloo, Cond – Radio Nederland 1950 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Something a bit different this week – from the Radio Nederland series Netherlands Composers, issued by their Transcription department circa 1950 – a...