Adrienne Pauly

Adrienne Pauly - after some 12 years since her debut album, Adrienne Pauly is about to stage a comeback, or maybe it was 'never-left-in-the-first-place"

Four By Adrienne Pauly – 2006 – Past Daily Nights At The Roundtable: Rock Without Borders Edition

Adrienne Pauly
Adrienne Pauly – after some 12 years since her debut album, Adrienne Pauly is about to stage a comeback, or maybe it was ‘never-left-in-the-first-place”

Adrienne Pauly – Four By Adrienne Pauly – 2006 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Ending out the weekend with a few tunes from one of my favorite artists; Adrienne Pauly. Adrienne Pauly is an artist/singer/writer/actor who disappeared shortly after her debut album came out in 2006. There was a lull in activity that was only broken in 2012, and her career has resumed, pretty much where it left off, some twelve years ago. Here are the tracks: Pourquoi, J’veux un mec, Chut and Vas-y viens.

This is from her Facebook Page and may answer a few questions:

What’s become of her, she’s screwed up, it’s been nine years already, she lives in Australia with a billionaire, she’s a yoga teacher in the swamp, she pulls the cards in her caravan and what do I know . What has not been said about Adrienne Pauly since the box of her first album?
“I want a guy I want a guy,” we wanted a second album but long silence … should she “open it loop? To leave to stay? ..
If you do not know what you’re doing here and in your mirror, it’s the black hole. That’s what she’s singing to us today, lucid lady.

So we start all over again, Adrienne is doing really well, better than ever, she laughs about her past as a “difficult” artist, as the labels modestly say. No she is no longer complicated, it is when she was small that. Maturity, this shot, ok she always crazy but all right as it should. She is the kindly-shy girl of high school who had to play vamp-nasty to make friends. Which according to her has only moderately worked, hence the charming imbalance.

This disc is the opposite of our time, it is solar but thoughtful, it is powerful but light. Not only that. Hard and tender at the same time, full of passion or “there’s nothing”! Terrifying and funny! From the “excusmoihist” to this girl who would like to “forget the hours, to forget that we die”, these songs are not the reflection of her life, they are the life all (e) short (e) and it is for we like it La Pauly. And what’s in her pipes this time? Tubes and shovel. Chiado texts, unstoppable melodies and rhythmic that kill. His record is dizzyingly effective, surprisingly obvious. In short, we did not wait for anything. “Mortal that sound, who is it? Adrienne Pauly? She still sings ?? “.

If you hate it it will not work out, if you like it you will basin your entourage. She was forgiven, she won. From Paris to Pétaouchnock, to the East or completely to the West?
Branch your ears and listen “The New Songs of Adrienne Pauly”! She is waiting for us, she is ready for her closeup ..

Mathieu Alterman

If you missed her the first time around, this is a good place to start; her debut album. If you’ve been wondering what happened to her, lo these past 12 years, I think we’re still in the dark., but I’m glad she’s back.

Crank it up and enjoy it anyway, there’s always Monday to think about.

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