1. Typing class I took in “junior high” (aka middle school) in Los Angeles in the 60’s. It was probably the most practical class I ever took (I did become a professional writer). Also useful working on the school paper, doing class papers, etc. My father was in the printing business and he’d always bring typewriters home – I got to be very very fast with my one one finger method, before taking the typing class. I love the pics of the blindfolded students LOL! The closest we came to that in typing class was using a typewriter with no letters or numbers indicated on the keys. Thanks Gordy!

    • I didn’t think it would have any value at all until I went to work as a Music Journalist – and eventually a screenwriter and eventually a novelist. You just never know what changes your life. Kind of like Steve Jobs stuck taking a class in Calligraphy – had no idea why until it came time to design the Apple logo.

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