KFC Comes To China - 手指Lickin'好!

May 28, 1994 – White House Gets Choppergate – North Korea Gets Snippy – China Gets KFC.

KFC Comes To China – 手指Lickin’好!

May 28, 1994 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 28, 1994 – Busy news day from The White House, from North Korea, from China and all points in between.

Starting with the brewing Choppergate scandal hitting the White House this morning. The brouhaha over White House employees taking government helicopters for personal use was flaring up again. Even as President Clinton jumped ahead of it and fired the responsible parties, there were still lingering fires to put out. Seems there was more than one helicopter used in this particular golfing excursion. Despite vigorous denials that no more than one White House helicopter was used, turns out there were two used, as was standard operating procedure for the Marine Helicopters. White House Aide David Watkins, who set up the golf outing was forced to resign over the incident and The White House was hit with a $2,000 an hour tab from the Marine Corps who supplied the helicopters, which Watkins was being eyed on to cough up at least a share.

Meanwhile, Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dan Rostenkowski was facing felony charges of misusing government funds. Rostenkowsi rejected a plea bargain ahead of an indictment in the coming week.

North Korea was said to have refused to suspend the refueling of a nuclear reactor so UN inspectors could test the spent fuel in order to make sure the Koreans weren’t using it for development of a nuclear bomb. The move prompted members of the UN Security Council to call for action. The Council was expected to meet over the weekend.

And With the U.S. renewing Most-Favored-Nations trade status with China, Kentucky Fried Chicken announced plans to invest some $200 million in China. KFC spokespeople said China could become its biggest market in ten years.

All that, and so much more for this May 28, 1994 – as reported by The CBS Word News Roundup.

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