Oxycontin Abuse

Oxycontin - dubbed "Hillbilly Heroin" - coming to a neighborhood near you.

July 25, 2001 – America Has A New Word: Oxycontin – OPEC Slows Production –

Oxycontin Abuse
Oxycontin – dubbed “Hillbilly Heroin” – coming to a neighborhood near you.
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July 25, 2001 – While the U.S.this day was focusing on the sleight-of-hand from OPEC, it was in the process of learning a new and potentially devastating word: Oxycontin.

OPEC, in an attempt to prop-up falling oil prices, revealed it would cut production by a million barrels a day.The news was greeted with a sense of exasperation from the White House. Although industry analysts claimed the drop in production would signal a “marginal increase of 10-15 cents a gallon”, it was enough to prompt President Bush to call for increased domestic oil production and exploration, and one more reason for the average American to shrug collective shoulders, knowing this wasn’t the first time and certainly wouldn’t be the last time getting strangled at the gas pump.

Meanwhile, The FDA issued a warning about the pain killer Oxycontin, urging doctors to limit Oxycontin prescriptions to patients with serious pain, with hopes the drug wouldn’t show up on street corners all over the country. Too late. The reports of overdose deaths from the medication rose to alarming levels in a matter of months. The FDA urged warnings be issued on Oxycontin, since widespread use of the drug, in many cases intravenously, was taking a dramatic rise.

And Saddam Hussein was busy ratcheting up the rhetoric over the no-fly zone in Iraq. A U-2 spyplane narrowly missed being hit by an Iraqi missile as it was on a reconnaissance mission over the area. Since the plane was flying at an estimated 70,000 feet, it was out of the range of most Iraqi missiles. But U.S. officials said the Iraqis had modified some of their missiles, adding extra fuel to extend their range.

And that’s just a little of what went on, this July 25, 2001 as presented by the CBS World News Roundup – Late Edition.

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