David Bowie - Live in Dublin - 1995

David Bowie - Infinitely changeable and fiercely forward-looking.

David Bowie – Live In Dublin – 1995 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

David Bowie - Live in Dublin - 1995
David Bowie – Infinitely changeable and fiercely forward-looking.

David Bowie – Live At Point Depot, Dublin – November 24, 1995 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

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David Bowie this first weekend of a new year and new decade. Recorded live at The Point Depot in Dublin on November 24, 1995 during the Outside tour, which included dates

In 1994, Bowie and Eno were again collaborating in the studio, since their first collaboration for Low, which came out in 1977. The result this time was the concept album Outside, released in 1995 as the first installment of a new deal with Virgin Records. The complex project explored the increasing obsession with the mutilation of the human body as art and the paganization of western society. With cut and paste lyrics drawing from the diary of fictional character Nathan Adler, a haunted sound of ruin soundtracking a non-linear storyline of art, murder and technology, Outside predated a new darker sensibility that would pervade not only music, but film, literature and the arts in general in the very near future. Appropriately, the album’s first single The Hearts Filthy Lesson, showed up in the soundtrack of one of the darkest films to cross over into the mainstream of that year in David Fincher’s Seven—while two years later edits of deep cut I’m Deranged would bookend David Lynch’s Lost Highway as both opening title and end credits music.

The Outside tour actually began a few weeks before the album’s release, exacerbating the already confrontational scenario of playing with Nine Inch Nails: In addition to avoiding the monster hits that had been laid to rest five years earlier on Sound + Vision, the first few weeks saw Bowie and band playing sets dominated by an as yet unreleased album. Hardly unusual for Bowie, the tour is regarded in hindsight as bold and unprecedented, from the overlapping transition that meshed NIN and Bowie’s performances to its unearthed treasures including Joe The Lion from “Heroes” and a radically rearranged The Man Who Sold The World. 1995 also saw Bowie make one of many successful forays into the art world, with an acclaimed exhibition at London’s Cork Street Gallery.

This concert, recorded in the middle of the Outside Tour, which began in Hartford Connecticut in September of 1995 and ended in Paris in February of 1996.

The band consisted of Peter Schwartz on keyboards, Reeves Gabrels, lead guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey, bass. Carlos Alomar, guitar, Zachary Alford, drums, Mike Garson, keyboards and George Simms, Backing vocals and keyboards.

Turn it up and enjoy.

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