Ella Girardot of Arthur Beatrice - Music of heart-stopping charm.

Arthur Beatrice – Live At London Calling 2014 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Summer Festival Edition

Ella Girardot of Arthur Beatrice - Music of heart-stopping charm.
Ella Girardot of Arthur Beatrice – Music of breathless charm.

Arthur Beatrice – Live At London Calling 2014 – May 10, 2014 – VPRO/3VOOR12

Although Arthur Beatrice has been around since 2010, they were something of a closely guarded secret by fans. However, in 2011 they were awarded Band of the Day by The Guardian newspaper, and their debut album Working Out, which was issued this February,has been eagerly awaited by fans and critics alike. Their music defies description and the vocals of Ella Girardot are sumptuous and spellbinding. A very good combination.

Arthur Beatrice consists of lead vocalist, keys and organist, Orlando Leopard, Ella Girardot (lead vocals, keyboards, organ) and brothers Elliot (drums, backing vocals) and Hamish Barnes (bass, backing vocals).

With their debut single Midland having been released in April 2012, the band’s campaign strategy has been somewhat secretive and low-key, using methods such as social media and word of mouth, which has resulted in a surprising success. Gotham Producer, Bryan Wilson, has worked with the band numerous times, including their latest release, Grand Union.

Their second studio album Keeping The Peace was released in May 2016, which was engineered and mixed by Miloco engineer Matt Wiggins.

The bandmembers created a unique path for themselves by running their own label, Open Assembly, and taking control of their own promotions and concert bookings. They attracted a fair amount of attention through word of mouth and their social media channels.

Tonight it’s a performance, recorded at The Paradiso in Amsterdam. I think it’s safe to say their appearance surpassed expectations and their continued success is assured. They did a quick swing through the U.S. earlier in 2014, playing The Echo in L.A. and several venues in Brooklyn, Chicago and San Francisco. Hopefully, they will come back as soon as social distancing becomes a thing of the past.

In the meantime, enjoy their 2014 gig at London Calling.

This one might go great with headphones.

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