Orange Juice - Peel Session 1981

Orange Juice - Pioneering practitioners of Post-Punk/Jangle-Pop

Orange Juice In Session – 1981 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Orange Juice - Peel Session 1981
Orange Juice – Pioneering practitioners of Post-Punk/Jangle-Pop

Orange Juice – in session for John Peel – August 3, 1981 – BBC Radio 1 –

Orange Juice in session tonight. Recorded for John Peel August 3, 1981 and broadcast August 10th.

The leaders of the Scottish neo-pop uprising Orange Juice formed in Glasgow in late 1976. Originally dubbed the Nu-Sonics, the group comprised vocalist/guitarist Edwyn Collins, guitarist James Kirk, bassist David McClymont, and drummer Steven Daly; following the formation of the Postcard label by Collins protégé Alan Horne, the quartet renamed itself Orange Juice in 1979, adopting the new moniker as well as an aura of romantic innocence as a direct reaction to the increasingly macho aggression of punk.

The band released their first singles during 1980 and 1981 on the independent Postcard Records label founded by Alan Horne, along with fellow Scottish bands Josef K and Aztec Camera. These included “Blue Boy” and “Simply Thrilled Honey”. [7] Shortly afterwards, this line-up signed to Polydor Records and recorded their first album, You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever . However, internal tensions led to Kirk and Daly leaving in early 1982 (they would go on to form a short-lived band called Memphis), and for the next two album releases the line-up was Collins and David McClymont on bass guitar and keyboards, with Malcolm Ross on guitar, vocals, and keyboards, and drummer Zeke Manyika. By early 1984, Ross and McClymont had left the group, leaving a core line-up of Collins and Manyika who recorded Orange Juice’s final album, The Orange Juice , with Clare Kenny and Johnny Britten, produced by Dennis Bovell.

In case you missed this second of two sessions for John Peel, here’s a chance to catch up and hear what the fuss was about.

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