It’s The Summer Of ’71 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You’re Free, Stoned And One Of “Those” People.

One of "Those" people.
You’re one of those people your father told your sister not to go out with.

KPPC-FM/AM – Dr. Demento – July 11, 1971 – Ted Alvy Collection –

You remember – you were there. You graduated and left High School behind. And now it’s Summer. You don’t have to do anything – you don’t have to be anywhere – you can spend the rest of your life bumming around if you wanted to. But . . .

You’ve got college to think about – you’ve got the Draft board to think about – you’ve got the future to think about – you’ve got your parents looking at you like “when are you moving out?” to think about.

They’re eyeing your room as the new den – your dad wants to put in a bar and a pool table – your mom wants your dad to buy one of those enormous Color TV/FM/Stereo consoles and turn your bedroom into “the entertainment room”. Whatever they want, they want you out of the house.

You admit, it’s been World War Three ever since you stopped getting your hair cut and started getting red-eyes all the time. They’ve heard about drugs, they have an idea what Marijuana smells like – they look at you when you come home at night. Your Mom shoots you that “reptilian gaze”, the one where her eyes turn into slits and she hands you the silent treatment. Yep – they know you get stoned a lot – they’re convinced you have crazy friends; the ones everybody warns them about.

You’ve become one of “those” people. You’ve had more dates go south when you show up at her parents house and her dad tosses you out with the parting words “You aren’t dating any hippies!” to your quietly vacant and quickly dying potential girlfriend, who just wanted to see The Who at The Palladium because you had an extra ticket. Little do they know she’s a great connection for weed.

All that freedom, and all that weird world – and you’re somehow stuck in the middle.

You’d rather have your crazy friends and be one of “those” people. Besides, life is so much better when you show up for it as a tourist.

And here’s 90 minutes of KPPC-FM with Dr. Demento from July 11, 1971 just to remind you.

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