EUT's Megan de Klerk

Megan de Klerk has discovered the meaning of life - you can too - or maybe not. It's a Circular Situation.

EUT In Session – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders Edition

EUT's Megan de Klerk

Current Band To Watch EUT, in session In June of 2018 over the Dutch network NPO and their Rock outlet 3FM. Short, but sweet session which consists of two tracks; Crack The Password (New Single) and Bad Sweet Pony, off their debut album. Kicking off the festive mood and heading off to a series of concert/club gigs which took them all over The Netherlands with a few stops in Germany before the end of December.

It would be nice to get them over here, or at least across the Channel for some gigs and appearances. For a band that uses the 90s as a stepping off place and cites the likes of Blur as a big influence, you’d think the Brits would be suitably chuffed (enthusiastic) about the band.

I ran a concert by them several months ago – and have been a fan ever since. Good energy, especially coming from lead singer Megan de Klerk, who is something of a kinetic presence in the band. It would certainly be nice to get them over here for some of the festivals, perhaps next year. I get the feeling SXSW might be right up their street.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, perhaps taking a peek at their bio via V2 Records (their label) might offer a few insights:

Fronted by the charismatic bundle of energy Megan de Klerk, the band crafts beautifully written songs with captivating melodies – all hooky, catchy pop tunes in a straitjacket, about youthfulness and growing up. EUT is dynamic and intriguing at once, without sounding too polished.

Based in Amsterdam, EUT was established in 2016 after meeting at the local art college. The first single ‘Supplies’ was released in June 2017 through Dutch indie label V2 Records. Ever since, EUT instantaneously befriended the industry, gaining support from Dutch national radio stations such as 3FM, who included EUT in their ‘3FM Talent’ line-up. Additionally, EUT toured the country as part of the ‘Popronde’ traveling festival and being the most booked band of the festival, they gained the attention of many journalists and frequently ended up in ‘Bands To Watch in 2018’ lists. After playing multiple shows at the Eurosonic Noorderslag 2018 showcase festival, the national broadcaster 3voor12 officially voted EUT’s performance to be the best of the festival. To top it all off, Deezer announced that EUT is one of their Deezer Next acts of 2018 which means the band will be a focal point on the streaming platform for the coming year.

Crack The Password was the latest single leading up to the release of their debut album Fool For The Vibes, released October 5th 2018. Additionally the band has been playing venues and festivals all year, not the least supporting for Beck. EUT will be doing a Dutch clubtour late 2018.

Pop tunes in a straitjacket . . . .never thought of it that way. Well, everybody has their own take on the band. Hit the play button and give a listen and maybe formulate your own take.

I’m still predicting we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future. And according to reports, they are currently on tour and doing a few nights in the U.S. – so some predictions do come true.

Play this one loud.

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