Suit and tie

Suit and tie: One of life's big mysteries - How did you get here?

It’s September 1979 – You’re Not A Teenager (Anymore) – You Live In L.A. – You Wear A Suit And Tie – You Are Prone To Moments

One of life’s big mysteries – How did you get here?

KMET – Jeff Gonzer – September 4, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Reality check – You graduated high school years ago. You went to college – you drank a lot. You got passing grades – you weren’t sure what you were going to do with your life. You had plans . . .somewhere. Somebody said you looked like a Business Major. You believed them. You got a Masters Degree.

The next thing – you’re wearing a suit and tie and you belong to the company softball team. Somewhere between college and the Century City Law Firm you work for, you learned computers.

Most days are spent in front of a Dot Matrix Printer or staring at a KayPro screen. People walk by your cubicle and look perplexed as reams of computer paper spit out piles of data and numbers. They make sense to some people – they make sense to you. The Office Manager is trying.

You don’t exactly know how you got here. It wasn’t what you had planned. You live alone – you date on the weekends – you have girlfriends with Law degrees and nobody wants to get stoned anymore. You started collecting wine – only you can’t keep a collection long enough to brag about it. You periodically have dreams about Pacific Ocean Park – burned down – it’s not there anymore – none of your hangouts are. It’s like you fell asleep in 1967 and it became 1979 and nobody asked if it was okay.

Even the radio is different – they still play Traffic and that takes you back. The Sex Pistols don’t. B. Mitchel Reed sounds older and you listen to DJ’s like Jeff Gonzer and that’s okay for now.

You hate suits and ties and you don’t see the point of them, but your boss is always giving you high-fives – maybe it’s your pitching arm.

Your latest Legal-eagle girlfriend sees a future. She drinks as much as you do and loves Cabernet. She drops by your apartment, sometimes bringing a Baggie of Dope with her.

There is a future, after all.

And spinning you back to September 1979, Jeff Gonzer and a half-hour’s worth of KMET to get your long weekend started.

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