KMPC in 1968 - Appealing to the post-30 Adult and the swinging Bachelor.

KMPC in 1968 – Appealing to the post-30 Adult and the swinging Bachelor.

Click on the link here for Audio Player: KMPC – Dick Whittinghill – June 1968

As strange as this may seem, this was the other radio format that competed with Top-40 in the 1960’s. It was more middle-of-the-road than straight Pop. It was, for all intents and purposes, Mainstream music. This was what a large percentage of Los Angeles was listening to when AM radio was still the predominant popular media outlet.

This was also during the days of Personality Radio, where the disc-jockey was the main attraction. This broadcast – a thirty-minute excerpt from June 10, 1968, features one of the most popular Disc-Jockey‘s of the day, Dick Whittinghill. He had been with KMPC from the mid-1950’s until his retirement in 1979 and was something of an institution in Los Angeles radio.

Radio then, as now, was saturated with commercials – and coupled with the personality of Whittinghill, the music took a very distant third place. But there is an interesting mix of singles and some indication that most of what you heard on the radio at this time was not cutting edge. Much of the music has been forgotten about, or seldom heard these days. That might be a blessing as it was pretty bland, even then. But a lot of it has achieved its own cult following in recent years. Which just goes to show you, you can never be sure about anything when it comes to music.

For the next half-hour, pretend it’s 1968 and you got this station by accident.

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3 thoughts on “Personality Radio – KMPC, Los Angeles – 1968 – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

  1. howdy, pard…. and, pardettes! Well this clip was, indeedy, what ‘PC sounded like on a ‘slow’ Sunday in those days. Too bad, ole Whit couldn’t have squeezed in a ground mobile unit report into the marine and Airwatch segments toward the end… KMPC was know best for it’s prompt reports of (then) ‘breaking news’ around the southland. I was working the Baldwin Hills Dam collapse in ’63. And, while I never saw him working there, I’m told Donn Reed’s Cruiser 1 (KMPC news cruiser – 63 Chev wagon) got caught up in the wash and sank. Meanwhile, I remained ‘high and dry’ in my own ’63 Chevy as I worked for another agency positioned at the LAPD command post nearby. I did,however, hear Cpt Max overhead the prior day, report on the actual collapse while I was enroute to a valley hospital… Radio, without a doubt, was the ‘image of news and sports’ in those days and done very professionally by the staff of Gene Autry’s Golden West Broadcasters (KMPC-KVI-KSFO)…btw, the KMPC mobile studio rides the highways today in northern Utah… check it out on Facebook page ‘SOTSProductions’

    1. Thanks for your note and insights! Let me check and see if I have any of the KMPC Baldwin Hills dam reports.

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