Leopold Stokowski With Hoyt Bohannon And The Los Angeles Philharmonic Play Music Of Nathaniel Shilkret – 1946 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Stoki and the dedicatee (but not soloist on this performance) Tommy Dorsey.
Stoki and the dedicatee (but not soloist on this performance) Tommy Dorsey.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – Nathaniel Shilkret – Trombone Concerto – Sgt. Hoyt Bohannon, Trombone with The Los Angeles Philharmonic, Hollywood Bowl – Leopold Stokowski, cond. July 28, 1945 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Something obscure and long-thought lost this weekend. The Trombone Concerto by Nathaniel Shilkret with Hoyt Bohannon, trombone solo and The Los Angeles Philharmonic guest conducted by Leopold Stokowski, performing at the Hollywood Bowl on July 28, 1946.

Not the world premier, but the West Coast premier. Not the original dedicatee (Tommy Dorsey) but Hoyt Bohannon. Nathaniel Shilkret was very well known as a Pop Music composer, arranger and Band leader from the 1920s onward. And collaborated with some of the greatest names in Pop and early Jazz music of the time. His Trombone Concerto was initially well received, but sadly wasn’t destined to immortality.

As the story goes, Tommy Dorsey was originally scheduled to perform the solo at the Hollywood Bowl performance, but it all came down to fees and The Hollywood Bowl just wasn’t up for Tommy Dorsey’s high fee for roughly a half-hour’s work.

The Concerto, after getting a number of fits and starts and lousy luck, languished for almost forty years until is was re-discovered and recorded for the Swedish label BIS in 2004 in what became the World Premier recording.

So this performance is quite rare and never available in its original Orchestral form. With the extra added bonus of having the voice of Leopold Stokowski announcing the work.

History in the making. Enjoy.

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