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May 1952 – Migrant Workers In The San Joaquin Valley – Past Daily Reference Room

May 1952 – CBS Radio: The People Act: Migrant workers and families in San Joaquin Valley – Gordon Skene Sound Collection Before the age of tape recording, the only method of producing a documentary was either by a cumbersome disc-cutting machine, an undependable wire recorder or making it all up...

Los Angeles - April 19, 1979 0

April 19, 1979 – Los Angeles: An Hour In The Life Of A City – Local News – Local Concerns – Places That Aren’t Here Anymore

April 19, 1979 – KNX-Newsradio – 9:06 am-10:00 am – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – April 19, 1979 – It was a busy day – Middle-East Peace proposals and the third day of voting in Rhodesia were the big news items of the day. So was the George Moscone/Harvey Milk...


Stepping Outside The Archive/History role for a minute

  Please do what you can – it’s personal, so you may feel a bit differently. Click on the link below: Gofundme Donations Site Hey everybody. I have been a little absent from fresh posts on the site the past few weeks  because I was caught up in a terrible...