Paul Tortelier - got the blessings of none other than Pablo Casals.

Paul Tortelier - got the blessings of none other than Pablo Casals.
Paul Tortelier – got the blessings of none other than Pablo Casals.

Click on the link here for Audio Player – 1967 Jeunesses Musicales du Canada with Paul Tortelier and Karl Engle – Radio Canada – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

Over to Canada this week for a concert from the 1967 Jeunesses Musicales du Canada Camp D’Ete – Mont Orford featuring the legendary French cellist Paul Tortelier and the Swiss pianist Karl Engel in a program of music by Bach and Beethoven.

Starting off with the Bach Sonata in D Major and ending with the Beethoven Sonata inA Major opus 69.

A great musical collaboration at one of the most celebrated festivals in North America – all preserved for posterity by Radio Canada (French-Canadian Service) via their transcription service.

With most of these broadcast transcriptions, the proviso for running them was returning them when you were done so they could be destroyed. Not every radio station who received them did that – but even so, not many of these have survived. I am not sure if this concert has been reissued in any form – but it would be great if it was.

You get to decide.



Karl Engle - lending some pianistic magic to the proceedings.
Karl Engel – lending some pianistic magic to the proceedings.

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5 thoughts on “Paul Tortelier And Karl Engel Play Music Of Bach And Beethoven – 1967 Jeunesses Musicales du Canada – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

  1. Amazing. thank you. After such a long time..i was there listening to my father Karl Engel when i was a young giro. Beautiful

  2. Very happy to listen to listen! P.T.has a wonderful French Cantilena and with my husband they form a perfect Duo which was always realized during the time being. Good to Keep the memory!
    As I see,you used the Foto from our Erinnerungsplatte. Fine! (I am Mrs. Engel Nr.2)

    1. It’s my honor and pleasure to be able to play these for you. They are remarkable recordings by some legendary artists. Thank you so much for the kind words.

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